Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Marking Scheme for class VIII

Dear students ,

this DAV Managing Committee prescribed marking scheme will help you to decide which chapter should be given more stress to while preparing for DAV board exam

Circumference and Area of Circle

Dear students,

A bird view of circumference and area of circles

Monday, May 14, 2007

This space is for those who are fascinated by MATHS ,try their hands on it but end up getting confused because of non-clarity of concepts.

The chapter i am going to start with is CIRCUMFERENCE AND AREA OF CIRCLES.....

Prerequisite knowledge : Take a fixed point on the plane and mark it as O . Take a fixed distance mark it as 'R' . Keeping the end at O fixed and moving the other end of 'R' , the figure thus obtained is a circle .
All the points of this figure are at equal distance from O .(all the points in colour blue)
O-is called the centre of the circle .
R-is the radius of the circle .
Circles around us: Bangle , Rim of a cellotape .
Rim of a wheel.
Circumference (or perimeter) of the circle:is the measure of the boundary of the circle.

Lets do an activity to find circumference of certain circular figures....
  1. Bangle:mark a point at the boundary of the bangle . Take a thread and start wrapping it around the boundary starting from the marked point . Continue till you reach the marked point again , cut out the wrapped up piece of thread .

Measure this length of the thread using a ruler.

This length of the thread wich measures the boundary of the bangle is the circumference of the given bangle.